CAMS Toolkit supports a data driven methodology for decision making related to community building life cycle management. Using CAMS Online and CAMS Mobile, asset managers can capture asset condition data and obtain various analysis reports related to asset deterioration, risk and budget forecasting, allowing them to make informed decisions related to maintenance and budget allocations.

Following are some of the key features of CAMS. Some sample reports generated by CAMS can be found here

Building Asset Data Management

  • A flexible asset registry that captures the categorisation of buildings, division of a building into functional areas, component types, components etc. for ease of decision making
  • Identify building types for easy grouping – child care centre, sports pavilion etc.
  • Component types, groups and components based on the NAMS hierarchy
  • Offer a standardised method for condition data collection via CAMS Mobile
  • Provide a method of forecasting building deterioration using discrete condition data collected

  • Modeling and Forecasting

  • Condition forecasting and risk determination using cost and consequences of deterioration/failure
  • Based on Markov Chain stochastic deterioration prediction technique
  • State of the art calibration methodology using Genetic Algorithm and Monte-Carlo analysis
  • Probabilities and consequence cost consideration
  • Deterioration curves for key building components developed using condition data
  • 320 component level curves developed using the NAMS
  • Probabilistic risk-cost optimisation developed for decision making
  • A sustainability focussed prioritisation method developed
  • Definition of transition matrices and assignment to specified building components
  • Backlog and surplus calculation and predictions
  • Scenario analysis for what-if strategy estimations
  • Levels of Service (LoS) definition facilitator based on available funding
  • Risk profile guidance in scenario generation
  • Expenditure projection of specified component to a network level of asset components

  • Web Based Software

  • Access from anywhere with internet connection and a web browser
  • Secure cloud based hosting at Amazon Web Services in Australia
  • Granular access control for different people of the same organisation via the Security module
  • Bulk upload function for efficient data transfer
  • MS Excel import/export functionality
  • All analysis reports available in Excel format
  • Developed on Microsoft ASP.NET and MS SQL database platform
  • User friendly component and maintenance history record keeping
  • Customizable access control system for defining users

  • Sample Reports from CAMS

    Following are three sample reports. CAMS comes with a collection of standard reports and additional custom reports can be developed based on specific user requirements.
  • Component Deterioration
  • Budget vs. Level of Service (LoS)
  • Deterioration and Cost (pre and post rehab)